Marin County Bike Coalition’s Dirt Fondo Summer Solstice

MCBC Ad #2 Summer Solstice-0110515286_781678755186732_2062983316590725909_o

This summer, the Dolan Law Firm sponsored the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Dirt Fondo Summer Solstice. To promote the event, I created an advertisement in the Pedal Press newsletter. In addition to planning and setting up our booth, I developed the designs for our photobooth. Below you can see the photostrip designs, borrowing the MCBC’s logo for the dirt fondo event.

Click here for more pictures from the event. Also, visit the Dolan Law Firm’s Bike Law Facebook.


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Photography: Expedited Trials

 IMG_9845 IMG_9867

Recently, I worked on a photoshoot at the Dolan Law Firm, in which we created an exaggerated visual representation of an expedited trial. The images were used in a flyer for the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association for an event.

I collaborated with a Dolan Law Firm attorney and on other staff member for this photo. It was a fun experience that allowed for a creative and fun project.

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Biking to Work with Chris Johnson

For Bike to Work Day in May, I collaborated with Dolan Law Firm attorney, Christopher Johnson, on a video project to share his passion for biking. Chris Johnson is an attorney of The Dolan Law Firm’s Oakland offices, a devoted cyclist and bike law advocate. He is also a member SF Bicycle Coalition and Bike East Bay, with whom we frequently collaborate.

Take a journey with Chris Johnson an his passion for bikes and road safety. It was a fun project and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

10014332_741177572570184_8469167865034912776_o10269125_741177575903517_4947086771597082997_o 10271318_741177502570191_2016773160967181509_o10271176_741177505903524_5270967110615256828_o

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Bottle Design

Bottle Design

At the Dolan Law Firm, we like to focus on the bike community, participating in SF Bike Coaltion, Marin County Bike Coalition, and Bike East Bay. Recently, I created these sports bottles and designed a Dolan Law Firm band to wrap around the neck.

So far, we have given away 100 at our events.

Bottle Band copy

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Bike East Bay (East Bay Bicycle Coaliton): Advertisements

In our creative brainstorm, I created a functional advertisement with the help of the Dolan Law marketing team. This functional advertisement is both an advertisement for the Dolan Law Firm as well as a crossword puzzle for Bike East Bay, formerly known as the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

The crossword puzzle is a functional advertisement, promoting both bike culture and bike law through the crossword. EBBC -- Crossword

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SF Examiner: Advertisements

Working for the Dolan Law Firm, I develop creative advertisements for circulation in our various sponsorships.  Most recently I created these two  advertisements for the the SF Examiner. I had a ton of fun in my creative process and hope you enjoy them as well!

What We Stand For  Upload

The first advertisement is we like to call the “Change” ad. The “Change” ad is inspired by the five images that spell out “Change,” which are not my original artwork. The advertisement is meant to promote change within the community and prosperity through taking political action. I like how the final artwork turned out.

Don't Text and Drive Upload copy

The second ad, “Don’t Text and Drive,” is inspired by the ongoing accidents that occur due to negligent drivers on their cell phones. Although The Dolan Law Firm deals with personal injury, we try to promote safety and awareness through prevention.


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Expanding Photography Portfolio

FamilyFamily #2Golden Gate After DarkBlue Sky SunsetSunset at the Golden GateGolden Gate Winter
Pretending to Be a TouristSunset at PacificaBubbles #1Bubbles #2Bubbes #3Sunglasses
IVSN Portraits -- Karae LisleIVSN Portraits -- AmyIVSN Portraits --  JamesIVSN Portraits -- DwightPink SunsetPeacock
Leslie IlicIVSN Portraits -- MariaIVSN Portraits -- JacobIVSN Portraits -- Vicky

I am expanding my photography portfolio, working on independent projects with family and friends. Since I am still trying to get a hang of photography, I am practicing as much as I can with my Canon T4i. I hope to get a fish eye lens and further develop creative photography soon! Meanwhile, visit my flickr and check out my past project. Follow me on flickr, twitter, and other social media channels for more content!

Functional Fashion

Alva Gardner, my friend, is a recent UC Berkeley graduate starting the trend of Functional Fashion. If you don’t know what Functional Fashion is, then you’ll learn something new here. Functional Fashion is where trendy clothing items serve a variety of purposes beyond their style, facilitating daily tasks.

As a person growing up with a disability, Alva Gardner finds that most fashion doesn’t cater to people with disabilities. When you are in a wheelchair, you can’t simply access your pockets easily, since most pants have pockets by the hip. But, that is only one of the many fashion issues people with disabilities struggle with. The list goes on.  After struggling to with mainstream fashion her whole life, Alva has collaborated alongside the UC Berkeley Theater design team to design templates for her ideas “geared towards people with disabilities.”

  • Accessible Pants — Pants with pockets on the side of the leg, allowing quick access to items.
  • The Poncho Blanket — When it rains, most wheelchair users can’t simply throw on a raincoat. The Poncho Blanket protects their wheelchair, while keeping them warm.
  • Alva’s Coat – When you are in a wheelchair, long coats just feel uncomfortable, since the backside gathers on the chair. Alva came up with the idea of shortening the backside of the coat for seating comfort and added hooks to ease the process of putting the coat on.

Alva seeks to empower individuals with disabilities, allowing them to be more independent through Functional Fashion. In the future, Alva seeks to start a full fashion line to develop her accessible fashion designs.”My goal [is] to merge function with fashion, and make a line of clothing that people with disabilities could feel comfortable in and maintain their independence. As a woman growing up with a disability, I feel that one’s fashion style and how they present themselves is a huge part of their sense of self.”

Recently, Alva Gardner crowd funded $7,000 on Indiegogo to start her fashion line with prototypes. While she is still in the preliminary stages of her Functional Fashion line, Alva has already made a strong impact in the local community. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Alva Garner soon!

Alva and I collaborated to produce a promotional video for her Functional Fashion line, which you can see here. Please share and help support Alva’s goal!

Follow Alva Gardners’s Indiegogo page for her designs by clicking  here. Also, to find out more Alva ‘s role in the UC Berkeley community, read her one-on-one interview for the UC Berkeley news here.

You can contact Alva Gardner by email at

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Benefit Breakfast 2013 — InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN)

On October 10, I attended the InnVision Shelter Network  Benefit Breakfast 2013, a fundraiser to combat homelessness in the Silicon Valley and the Peninsula. At the Benefit Breakfast 2013, I filmed the speakers, which include Karae Lisle (IVSN CEO), Sabrina (IVSN Client Speaker), Jillian Manus (IVSN Board Member, President of Manus & Associates Literary & Media Agency, Inc.) , Susan Manheimer (San Mateo Chief of Police), and Lynn Twist (Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder of the Soul of Money Institute).

InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN) is dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula return to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

For more information on IVSN, please visit

Click on the video playlist to watch the speakers from the InnVision Shelter Network  Benefit Breakfast 2013

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Learnist – Content Production

wenn3292224While working with Learnist, an educational startup, I created and curated content for their website. Aside from social media and marketing tasks, we researched and created content for Learnist using our own Learnist profiles.

During my time, we expanded our educational content to popular culture, which led me to make a Learnboard on Wes Craven. This board is my most popular of my content produced at Learnist, and the best example of my content production during my time there. Click here to see my Wes Craven Learnboard 

For more of my Learnboards, please visit my Learnist profile at

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