Dolan Law Firm Flyers: Who We Are

Info Flyer -- DLF #2-01 Info Flyer -- DLF #1-01










During our many Dolan Law Firm sponsored events, potential clients would stop by our booth and ask for more information regarding our firm. I noticed that we did not have an informational flyer to explain our legal field and provide information on the Dolan Law Firm. I took the initiative to design three informational flyers which I could hand out at events. One flyer in for English and Spanish, in addition to a flyer focusing on Bike Law.

Since one of our main focuses is Bike Law, I decided to include my office colleagues in a Bike to Work photoshoot to represent our staff and urban cycling. It was a fun experience to collaborate with my coworkers and to include them in my project. In the final flyer, you can see one of our top Legal Assistants riding her bike in front of our offices. Click any of the images to see the full version.

Info Flyer -- Bike Law #2-01Info Flyer -- Bike Law #1-01

Info Flyer -- Spanish #2-01Info Flyer -- Spanish #2-01









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53rd Annual CAOC Convention


For months, we have been planning for the 53rd Annual Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) Convention at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The CAOC convention is one of the largest plaintiff conventions in the Bay Area and the Dolan Law Firm has been an sponsor for over five years. On November 14th we finally executed our booth setup, including our truss and photobooth. Our entire staff attended the event and represented our firm in the presence of the top plaintiff attorneys in California.

In addition to planning our setup, I also designed our photostrip for our photobooth. Many of the CAOC attendees stopped by to take a picture, leaving with our photostrip design as a soulvenir.


10658697_612066972237058_5781788362879206521_o 1405051_612067235570365_5483646070293928547_o


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Yoga for the People, Yoga For the Mind

As a yoga fanatic, I thought of organizing a research paper on the health benefits of yoga, explaining my reasons for practicing this wonderful meditation exercise. Thank you for reading!



Originating from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism religious culture as a spiritual and physical discipline thousands of years ago, yoga continues to impact the future wellness and psychology. As meditative flow of movement, yoga deviates from the common man’s gym routine by combining athletically and cognitively challenging exercises. Unlike typical meditation methods, yoga stimulates the mind in discipline and revitalizes through the embodiment of powerful expressions. Expanding beyond the spiritual elements, yoga is a psychologically and physically empowering exercise that can influences mood and behavior, specifically combating anxiety and stress within modern culture.

Aside from benefits of flexibility and spirituality, yoga combines physically and mentally challenging disciplines to impact brain stimulation. In 2013, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign published a study in stretchintrothe Journal of Physical Activity and Health measuring the relationship between yoga on cognitive performance relative to the average workout, finding that “reaction times were shorter and the accuracy was significantly greater after an acute bout of yoga for tasks requiring greater amounts of executive control, indicating improvements in inhibition and working memory”1. From the study’s conclusion, researchers found that participants performed at a stronger mental capacity after 20-minutes of yoga, compared to jogging on a treadmill. In addition to shedding pounds off your body, yoga promotes brain function by utilizing stress management exercises, like controlling the flow of breath and relaxing the mind in meditation. By releasing tension and anxiety through the flow of breath, an established stress management tool for slowing and regulating heart rate, you become sharper and mentally agile. Beyond the physical stress relief, yoga’s meditative properties also have an impact on the mental perspective to break from an uneasy mind.

Now, that we have established Yoga as a stress management tool, we can move forward with yoga as a form of managing happiness. While the modern work routine builds anxiety and accumulates tension, yoga combats overthinking by shaping a calm and worry-free environment. In the Harvard study titled A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind, researchers take a look at the human thoughts and overall happiness, concluding that “mind wandering occurred in 46.9% of the samples and in at least 30% of the samples taken during every activity except making love”2. Distractions and overthinking are common in the daily routine of modern working class society, which typically result in stress and anxiety. In our modern social culture there is an overwhelming amount of stressors such as work, social life, self-image, technology, and health. Although the Harvard research suggests that making love is the ideal approach to resolve the worrying mind, yoga is the best runner up. Mindfulness is a yodic practice, deriving from Buddhism, clearing the wandering mind from distractions —time, competition, doubt— by grounding oneself in present moment. During yoga exercises, praticioners are encouraged to practice mindfulness by letting go of exterior concerns, instead focusing on their body, mind, and breath. In becoming grounded to the present self, the worrying mind is relieved from exterior anxiety and tension. Although practicing yoga does not guarantee happiness, behavioral changes like a healthy boost of confidence and a sharper mind are definitely expected. A worry free mind is a happy mind.

Unlike the typical workout, yoga uses body language found in nature to improve confidence and self-awareness. Social psychology professor at Harvard Business School, Amy Cuddy, investigates expressions of power in found nature and their social effects within human social culture in her research, “Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance,” finding that when subjects performed high power poses experiences a “[20%] elevation of the dominance hormone testosterone, [and a 25%] reduction of the stress hormone cortisol and increases in behaviorally demonstrated risk tolerance and feelings of power”3. In Cuddy’s research, she found that even when faking these high dominance poses, subjects felt a sense of greater power. As opposed to low power poses where one is protective and shielding oneself, high power poses expand the body and taking ownership of space. Yoga utilizes human body language by mimicking dominance poses found in nature, not only as stress management tool, but as an mechanism for confidence and dominance. The Warrior I pose (Virabhadra) is a standard high power pose where you spread your arms above head level during a 90-degree low lunge.4 Aside from the empowering name, the Warrior I Pose is a high power pose that embodies strength and control. In the Warrior I pose, one can envision the strength of Atlas balancing the world on their shoulders. After a yoga session, the natural rise of testosterone and reduction of cortisol in your body will feel more confident and stronger than the titan bearing the weight of the world.

Throughout history, yoga was a religious practice and now in recent history science has caught up with the potential health benefits. In the outdated fitness culture, we are taught to run on a treadmill like hamster in a wheel. Yoga redefines the world of health and fitness, packing in flexibility, stress management, and meditative properties among other benefits into one session. Yoga is a meditative flow of motion, perfectly combining mentally stimulating and physically challenging trials. As a growing a popular fitness exercise and therapeutic method, the effects of yoga upon the body and mind are worth experiencing firsthand. In 20-minutes of yoga, you have an immediate impact upon mental agility and sharpness, imagine what you can achieve in a lifetime.

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MCBC and Access4Bikes: Biketoberfest Marin

1956697_834536706567603_7145069025272105648_oimg_0741 copyThroughout 2014, the Dolan Law Firm has sponsored several events organized by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC). In October, Access4 Bikes and MCBC collaborate for Biketoberfest, hosting the best beer in Northern California and raising funds for the Marin cycling community.

If you look closely, you can see my the new table cloth I designed for events as well as my sports bottle design. We have away every single sports bottle we brought out to the event, proving the event a success. Since attendees were drinking at the event,  they were naturally drawn to the photobooth after a few brews.

Out of all the brewery’s that sponsored the event, my top choices were Lagunitas and Lost Coast Brewery.


Find out more information at

Visit the Dolan Law Firm’s Bike-Law Facebook for information by clicking here.

10659048_834536796567594_6919522252944639833_o 10708737_834537536567520_6522837979128063626_o

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Bike-Law: SF Bike Coalition Advertisement


The Dolan Law Firm has an ongoing collaboration with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), also known as SF Bike. Since we are involved with Bike Law and local politics, the Dolan Law Firm sponsors the Tube Times, SF Bike’s quarterly newsletter. Early 2014, I designed this advertisement, which changes spot colors every quarter. You can see my designs in past issues of the tube times from 2014. You can click the thumbnail to the right to see a full version.

Catch the latest Tube Times by clicking here.

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Photography: Expedited Trials

IMG_9845 IMG_9867

Recently, I worked on a photoshoot at the Dolan Law Firm, in which we created an exaggerated visual representation of an expedited trial. The images were used in a flyer for the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association for an event.

I collaborated with a Dolan Law Firm attorney and on other staff member for this photo. It was a fun experience that allowed for a creative and fun project.

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Bottle Design

Bottle Design

At the Dolan Law Firm, we like to focus on the bike community, participating in SF Bike Coaltion, Marin County Bike Coalition, and Bike East Bay. Recently, I created these sports bottles and designed a Dolan Law Firm band to wrap around the neck.

So far, we have given away 100 at our events.

Bottle Band copy

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Marin County Bike Coalition’s Dirt Fondo Summer Solstice

MCBC Ad #2 Summer Solstice-0110515286_781678755186732_2062983316590725909_o

This summer, the Dolan Law Firm sponsored the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s Dirt Fondo Summer Solstice. To promote the event, I created an advertisement in the Pedal Press newsletter. In addition to planning and setting up our booth, I developed the designs for our photobooth. Below you can see the photostrip designs, borrowing the MCBC’s logo for the dirt fondo event.

Click here for more pictures from the event. Also, visit the Dolan Law Firm’s Bike Law Facebook.


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Bike East Bay (East Bay Bicycle Coaliton): Advertisements

In our creative brainstorm, I created a functional advertisement with the help of the Dolan Law marketing team. This functional advertisement is both an advertisement for the Dolan Law Firm as well as a crossword puzzle for Bike East Bay, formerly known as the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

The crossword puzzle is a functional advertisement, promoting both bike culture and bike law through the crossword. EBBC -- Crossword

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SF Examiner: Advertisements

Working for the Dolan Law Firm, I develop creative advertisements for circulation in our various sponsorships.  Most recently I created these two  advertisements for the the SF Examiner. I had a ton of fun in my creative process and hope you enjoy them as well!

What We Stand For  Upload

The first advertisement is we like to call the “Change” ad. The “Change” ad is inspired by the five images that spell out “Change,” which are not my original artwork. The advertisement is meant to promote change within the community and prosperity through taking political action. I like how the final artwork turned out.

Don't Text and Drive Upload copy

The second ad, “Don’t Text and Drive,” is inspired by the ongoing accidents that occur due to negligent drivers on their cell phones. Although The Dolan Law Firm deals with personal injury, we try to promote safety and awareness through prevention.


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